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Just Do Something, or Not

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I admit it; I eavesdrop on conversations while I’m at coffee shops, the loud ones at least. For example, I’ve heard two atheists discussing the futility of faith, consultants selling oils, women talking about family, and a dozen other interactions.

Recently, some high school students, all girls, shared their dreams for the future at the table next to me. With all the earnest of youth one stated, “I don’t want to make a small difference. I want it to be big.”  I admit to having had similar thoughts. Of course, a difference can simply mean change, either good or bad, but I gathered these young ladies had a positive change in mind. Instantly, I cringed.

Someone close to me said it was important that I was making a difference in the lives of my students. As my elder, I did not protest but I also did not agree. What constitutes a difference? How would one measure it? Because I am a teacher, does that mean higher grades or improved subject knowledge? Most people …