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And then I thought . . .

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I cried this week for a student - real, instantaneous tears. I cried because this child so obviously hurts and has no idea how to function in the world. I cried because I keep asking this child to multiply integers and find the multiplicative relationship, but then I think: Isn't being able to do math when one is so unloved at home, well, isn't that just a silly expectation?

Yet, this student did math for me this week and with unusual insight and care. Why? Because I asked, "How are you?" I touched a shoulder and said, "It's been hard, hasn't it? Is there food at home? Do you feel safe?"

I cried because this was the only time in so long that I could muster those questions due to the convergence of this child's repeated unruly and disrespectful behavior and my bitter spirit. I cried because I am so tired and I realize one cannot be a counselor, a social worker, and a teacher at the same time - unless you are intereste…